Energy Healing

Energy Healing

For Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Wellbeing

Leanne O'Keefe

for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing

About Leanne

Leanne, an experienced therapist, is a naturally intuitive medium with a passion for learning and sharing simple life mastery tools and techniques to help others.  She loves assisting clients with having more joy, satisfaction and purpose in life, improving health, relationships and overall well-being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  

Curious from a young age about what drives human behaviour, in the 1990’s, Leanne began studying Energy and Psychology Therapies.  This includes Reiki, Access Bars, Lightwave Energy, Pellowah Healing, Atlantean Crystal Healing, SNHS Diploma Child Psychology, SAC Diploma Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, SHNS Diploma Advanced Meridian Psychotherapy.

Inspired by Dr Bruce Lipton’s work in the scientific field of Epigenetics and Candice Pert’s ‘The Molecules of Emotion’, Leanne has developed her own unique style of Energy Healing based on science, spirituality and simplicity.  


Human beings are made of energy, just as everything in existence is energy, including thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  All energy has the potential for change, often instantly.  Positive energy change is Energy Healing.


If you have something physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually happening that's not ideal, you might consider it to be an issue in life. Simply changing the energy, changes the issue.  Are you ready for positive difference?

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